Rayne Maiden (raynemaiden) wrote in tumblrs,
Rayne Maiden

Introductory Post

I'm hoping to find some more followers on Tumblr.

What I'm looking for:
Adults (18+ is best but maturity level is most important)
People who are actually active in communication such as asks and comments (I use Discus)

What my blog is:
It's mostly fandom things such as:
Youtubers (danisnotonfire, amazingphil, kickthepj, vlogbrothers, etc)
Supernatural (I am a very long term fan)
Doctor Who
Some politics though not much
Social justice but, again, not every other post
Completely random crap

What to watch out for
My blog is NSFW at times
Adult themes
More feels than you can shake a stick at

I have very few followers and I miss the interaction I used to get between my flist here and myself. I miss the friendships and camaraderie. I post every single day. I try to like, reblog, and participate in others blogs if they take the time to do the same for mine.

My blog is here http://www.tumblr.com/blog/raynemaiden
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