looking for followers with similar fandoms

Currently: the hobbit, lotr, bbc sherlock, elementary, star trek into darkness, bbc being human,

Was (until the fandoms died down): XMFC, McFassy, Avengers, Science Bros, Super Hubands, Legend of Korra

Always: Tom Hiddleston, Sailor Moon, Star Trek Reboot, Heroes, Nick's Avatar, Supernatural, Harry Potter, Marvel comics, Asian music, Asian fashion, Sherlock Holmes, Decor, Swords, Anime, Hot guys

Never: Causes and Politics. I view tumblr as an ongoing LJ party post FFA and would like to keep mine that way. Also no NSFW content. I usually view my tumblr in public, at friends and don't post or follow any nsfw content. In addition, there is no ship war drama. I'm a multi-shipper in so many fandoms of both het and slash.

Add me - http://spockuhura-is-flawless.tumblr.com

Tumblr for Learning Japanese!

I have a tumblr that has lots of content for anyone learning post-beginner/intermediate Japanese! 

It contains mainly reading and listening materials (from "An Integrated Approach to Intermediate Japanese", the radio, various manga...), as well as grammar points. I post regularly everyday and try to make it as helpful as possible, in the hope that it may be of use to others as well as myself.


Thank you! x.

Tumblr Fandom Friending Meme

Check out this blog. Inspired by the fandom post going around “Leave an | next to your fandom”, I created the tumblr fandom friending meme. I saw all these people in my fandom and no names to go with it so I can add them. With fandomfriendingmeme.tumblr.com , now you can add them.

Like or reblog the post of your fandom. Make friends. Reblog please. Tag it with your fandoms.

Also check out shippingfriendingmeme.tumblr.com to find people who have the same ships as you do. (Under construction.)

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hi, i'm nicky! i'm a college sophomore who frequently reblogs anime/manga (some of my favorites include fruits basket, ouran, hetalia, and various others), poetry, landscapes, pretty people (usually actors), television shows (right now i'm obsessed with mad men, burn notice, parks and rec & once upon a time), various fandoms i'm in that i haven't mentioned, landscape, and the very occasional bit of social activism. 

don't be afraid to follow me! http://burningcarousel.tumblr.com/