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For Fans/Users/Lovers of Tumblr.com

HEY, YOU! Welcome to TUMBLRS, the first & largest Livejournal community dedicated entirely to Tumblr & all of its lovely users. This community is an easy way for the ever-growing legion of Tumblrites to find each other. Feel free to post links to your blogs, find super awesome new people to follow, ask questions about the site, share links to other Tumblrs you love, etc.

A FEW THINGS TO KNOW: All posts are public unless you select the option to make yours otherwise. Membership isn't moderated & neither are incoming posts, so anybody can join & any member can make posts without waiting for them to get approved. However, please stay relatively on-topic, don't spam everyone here with links to unrelated communities or promotions, avoid making the same post several times in a row, blahblah the usual common sense stuff. I do keep an eye on what gets posted here, & I will delete anything totally irrelevant &/or offensive.

ALSO: If you're new here, be sure to tell everyone a bit about the content of your Tumblr in your introductory post-- you're more likely to get lots of new followers that way! If you'd like, include images &/or links to your Flickr/Facebook/Twitter/six zillion other accounts while you're at it, so long as you mention Tumblr as well (speaking of which, mine are linked below.) Enjoy!

XO, Alina
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